3rd Workshop on Intellectual Property for Audiovisual Productions

The Third Workshop on Intellectual Property for Audiovisual Productions organized jointly by Andrés Izquierdo and the National Film and TV Archive, took place last 16th and 17th of August at the National Library of Colombia. The workshop also received the help and support of the Ministry of Culture, the Colombian Film Fund - Proimagenes-, the... Continue Reading →


Charla en Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico

Por. Javier Silva. En la capacitación brindada en la fundación patrimonio fílmico, presentamos desde la perspectiva constitucional, cómo se ejerce el deber de conservación del patrimonio de la nación a cargo del Estado, frente al derecho a la propiedad de los Autores de obras consideradas como patrimonio cultural de todos los colombianos, que son protegibles... Continue Reading →

Ranked in Chambers and Partners 2017

The British firm Chambers & Partners for third year recognizes Andrés Izquierdo as a leading consultant in the Chambers Latin America Guide 2017: "Andrés Izquierdo is well recognized for his copyright work within the Intellectual Property market, particularly on matters related to the entertainment sector." Chambers & Partners identifies the leading lawyers and law firms around the world. Andrés... Continue Reading →

Overview of Copyright and Neighboring Rights in Colombia

  Overview of Copyright and Neighboring Rights in Colombia The copyright legislation in Colombia is  up to date with the legal international legal standards developed within the World Intellectual Property Organization, for most of the multilateral and regional agreements, such as the the TRIPS agreement, the WCT and WPPT. 1. Constitutional nature and normative sources... Continue Reading →

TV Interview – TVMORFOSIS Colombia

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0slcZje4vQ Infraestructura del Derecho de Autor en el entorno audiovisual colombiano, nuevas formas de licenciamiento de contenidos y TDT Colombia adelanta una reforma a sus normatividad de Derechos de Autor, fundamentalmente para cumplir con los compromisos adquiridos recientemente con las firmas de un grupo de Tratados de Libre Comercio con diferentes naciones. Las propuestas inicialmente... Continue Reading →

ISP liability on child pornography for Colombia

ISP liability on child pornography for Colombia Law 679 of 2001, "statute to prevent and to counter the exploitation, pornography and child sex tourism" in Article 7 establishes that the providers or servers, the administrators and Internet users are prohibited to: a) have at their sites images, texts and documents with sexual activity involving minors;... Continue Reading →

Personal Image Right in Colombia

Personal Image Right in Colombia Image rights, also called right of publicity in the United States,  have resulted very important in the new social media environment. The following in the regulation relevant for image rights, not only in printed media, but algo in digital means. 1. Constitutional Rights The right to self-image is part of... Continue Reading →

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