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Andrés Izquierdo & Lawyers is a Top Law Firm in Latin America for Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Copyright and Competition Law, located in Bogotá, Colombia and Washington D.C., USA.

Andrés Izquierdo of Andrés Izquierdo & Lawyers is well recognized for his copyright work within the IP market, particularly on matters related to the entertainment sector.” Chambers & Partners Commentary (Latin America), 2016

For more than 15 years of experience in Intellectual Property and Business Law, we have provided counsel to Fortune 500 companies, Banks, StartUps, Scientific companies and Non Profits in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, United States and Italy.

“Andrés Izquierdo has a wealth of knowledge of both Colombian and US law.” Chambers & Partners Commentary (Latin America), 2016

When you work with Andrés Izquierdo & Lawyers our team sees the value in your creation, technology or product, and works to evaluate, measure, protect, defend and obtain economic value for it.

“Andrés Izquierdo  focuses on copyright issues, and advises numerous clients in the music, fashion and film industries. Commentators praise him as “organized, reliable, working well with, and adding value to, the client,”  Chambers & Partners Commentary (Latin America), 2017

Our consulting, legal advice and litigation victories places us as a leader in IP law in Colombia and our exceptional team uses innovative technology to maintain value with the business savvy approach.

Some of the clients we have represented:

Video Trailer Law Firm