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I am passionate about filmmaking, video making, taking pictures, creating scenes, creating stories, about finding the funny and joyful little things in life. I love to make up a story, to generate a laugh, to create a positive experience, what else is there to life, right?

I have studied some film, photography, law, theater, philosophy; have traveled, lived in 5 different countries, and still with the will to travel more, to see and learn more, to experience all of the world I´m still missing. Now days based in Washington D.C.

But the thing I love most, besides my wife, mother, brother, doggy, friends, neighbors, (did I mention the cat?) is creating art with my camera, with my lights, with my software, with my Mac: there is no activity that takes more time away from me, without even noticing, than shooting, editing, publishing.

That´s about it. If you want to work with me, you will have to bear my unconscious and uncontrollable need to get more videos done, more content, and more stories told.

Write me if you want to create a story: films@andresizquierdo.com

Here are some of my latest videos.


My 2017 Reel

Hands for Medicines 


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Also, here are some pics from shorts, scenes or from the street, shot with my beautiful Canon 7d, or mi iPhone.