3rd Workshop on Intellectual Property for Audiovisual Productions

The Third Workshop on Intellectual Property for Audiovisual Productions organized jointly by Andrés Izquierdo and the National Film and TV Archive, took place last 16th and 17th of August at the National Library of Colombia. The workshop also received the help and support of the Ministry of Culture, the Colombian Film Fund – Proimagenes-, the National Copyright Office (DNDA), the Colombian Society for the Management of Audiovisual Directors (DASC) and the National TV and Radio System.

Andrés Izquierdo, co-organizer of the event, explained: “We are teaching audiovisual producers of film, television, publicity campaigns, documentaries, among others, how legislation intellectual property law works for Colombia and the United States, and how the works can be reproduced in a context of legality inside and outside the country, with an emphasis on digital platforms. ”

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.18.43 PM

This activity is done in order to train attendees in the subjects of copyright, trademarks, tax benefits and registration procedures for the entire audiovisual sector of Colombia and its growth towards the United States.

The workshop also discussed legal issues related to the use of works protected by third parties, contracts within the pre-production, production and post-production, taxes and economic benefits and Video On Demand platforms.

The event was aimed at entrepreneurs of the creative industries, entertainment startups, producers, writers, musicians, directors, actors and any other person interested in protecting their ideas for audiovisual productions.

Andrés Izquierdo said: “We are a firm based in Bogota and the United States. We work with intellectual property issues, including trademark rights, publicity rights, and copyright. We work with all companies that want to protect their rights in industries such as software, entertainment, advertising and fashion, among other fields, “says Izquierdo.

The event had more that 400 people registered and had excelente reviews from the attendees.

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